The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Training Center (OMSTC) a fellowship training center for oral and maxillofacial surgery. It reviews the theoretical foundations of all surgeons, from orthopedic surgery to neurosurgery: observing, trying to understand, observing again, reproducing medical acts under the responsibility of a referent, and at last doing it on ones own. This is the spirit of the surgical training of the French grande école.

As a referent in the field of maxillofacial surgery for the OMSTC, I was trained as an extern doctor at the René Descartes University of Medicine in Paris (ranked as one of the hundred best universities in clinical medicine worldwide according to the Academic Ranking of world), then trained in MaxilloFacial surgery as an intern in the department of Professor Ferri in Lille.

I met Dr. Hilt Tatum, pioneer of the maxillary sinus filling technique, and while pursuing my medical residency training I observed Dr. Tulasne’s work in Paris (the first surgeon to have implanted a Branemark implant in France)..

Dr. Tulasne has developed implant-based bone reconstruction techniques, incorporating the surgery guidelines of his Master Paul Tessier (who is the inventor of the craniofacial surgery in the world) whom he had taken over from.

A former specialist registrar (Chef de clinique et assistant des hôpitaux), now working for the private healthcare sector, I am now a consultant for the OMSTC and have performed 1000 sinus fillings, 1000 bone grafts and 1000 orthognathic surgeries.

I took over Dr. Tulasne’s office in pre-implant and orthognathic surgery in November 2015.

As a well experience Doctor in this field, I am delighted to be able to transmit the knowledge acquired over the past twenty years.

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